NOTICE: Due to Covid-19  all Habitat of Sussex County activity has been curtailed.  No building activity etc.


We're once again helping with repairs at Family Promise in Newton. Most of this work stemmed from several instances of broken water pipes or other leaks caused by the incredibly cold weather we had this past winter.

The kitchen floor is warped & is swollen & needs to be taken up & replaced. The paint, plaster & wallpaper all need to be removed & the walls & ceiling in several rooms have to be prepped for painting. The front masonry steps also need repair. The basement windows have to be caulked & sealed & the rear door & basement exterior door need to be rehung in order to eliminate the drafts which allowed the pipes to freeze.

Family Promise now has new flooring and tile in the kitchen, laundry room & kitchen closet. Several broken window panes have been replaced & the holes around the basement windows and basement door have been repaired. Please check back for updates & photos of this work in progress.

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