Students can volunteer in many ways. 

Suggestions include:

1) prepare lunches for the work crew and deliver them; lunch can include pizza or a hoagie, a drink, and a dessert; directions to the site can be obtained when you call the office to schedule a day to donate lunch;

2) run a fundraiser at your school or church youth group: suggestions - hold a walk-a-thon, run a bake sale or car wash, have a silent auction, ask people to donate money to Habitat instead of providing birthday presents, etc.;

3) prepare homeowner baskets that include items needed when you first occupy a new home -- things like paper towel holders and other kitchen and bathroom organization items, nice switch plate covers, a homeowners tool kit (for basic household repair), etc.  A walk through a home store offers lots of possibilities.

See our Youth Worksite Policy  for additional information if you are or know a student that would like to work on a building site.