We're not accepting applications unless Family Selection Open is posted on the front page of this website. You can check our Family Selection Criteria to get an idea of whether you'd be eligible to apply for a Sussex County Habitat home. Financial guidelines and income requirements are based on the current year's COAH guidelines for low-income families in the area where the home is built and those figures are updated when we are ready to start a new project. The minimum income required to apply for a Sussex County Habitat home is $30,000 for at least two years in a row. You also need a credit score of about 650.

One of the issues that is very common in the application process is your credit score/report. Please check your credit report once a year and have removed anything that can be. It makes a huge difference to you when you apply. If you are eliminated because of your credit report/score you will wish you had taken the time to check it.
It's important to realize that the application process takes several months to a year or more and that frequently there are several families who qualify for the one home we have available.  Our homes are awarded by lottery to one family among the many that qualify on all counts based on the Family Selection Criteria.  
There is a 500 total hour "sweat equity" component with 250 hours for the first adult, 150 hours for the second and the third adult will be 100 hours not to exceed the 500 hours total to buying a Habitat home. This means working on the construction of your own home or volunteering in another capacity for Sussex County Habitat.  Of course we always welcome volunteers just click on the volunteer icon to find out how.

Applications are ONLY accepted when Family Selection is open and at that time all the details are posted on our website.
Our goal is to make decent, affordable housing available to people who wouldn't normally be able to qualify for a mortgage. We'd be happy to add you to our potential list of homeowners once you e-mail us the requested information.